Be your own brand

By thinking of yourself as a brand, streamlining your values and professional approach, you will be in a strong position to undergo the scrutiny of potential employers, whether during online searches or in face-to-face interviews.

Marketing the brand of you…

Showcase your skills and experience via your LinkedIn profile – take time to ensure it's 100% complete; use the applications and get recommended.

Share your professional knowledge on Twitter; engage in conversation with others in your field.

Join online forums and niche social networking sites to exchange professional tips with peers.

Protecting the brand of you…

  • Google yourself. What comes up? It is important to be consistent across your online presence, by using the same photograph, for example.

  • If there is negative or undesirable information about you online, remember that you may be able to exercise the right to erasure, or ‘right to be forgotten’.

  • Set up a Google Alert in your name so you can attend to anything negative that may appear.

  • Don't join so many social networks that you cannot keep track and therefore neglect to engage properly.

  • Make sure your conversation is targeted to the audience.

  • Limit broadcasting and self-promotion.

  • If you prefer to Facebook or Instagram for personal use, make sure to use the correct privacy settings.

  • If you find a role that’d like to apply for, use our tips to create the perfect cover letter and CV.


Create the perfect cover letter and CV


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